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Astrocare Limited was formed in October 1993 and changed to Astrocare Computer Cleaning UK Limited in March 2011. The Managing Director is Maureen Parkinson who originally founded the company in 1993.

We are a well established and professional company with fully trained, efficient staff who have been with the company since 1999. All our staff are fully CRB checked and entitled to work in the United Kingdom.

Our clients range from small businesses to large co-operative companies. No task is too big or too small. We clean VDU's, printers, faxes, photocopiers, telephones, calculators, scanners, laptops, and tills.

Whilst the necessity of office cleaning for hygiene reasons is taken as read, some of the most personal and frequently used items in the office remain dirty. Recent studies have suggested that there are various bugs and viruses living on keyboards and telephones.

Astrocare Computer Cleaning UK Ltd can provide a cleaning service which ensures your keyboard, monitor, mouse and telephone are hygienic and not a source of cross infection.

A full clean of a work station takes approximately 10 minutes which minimises bacteria, germs, organic grease and food particles which have crystalised or gone mouldy, thereby reducing the spread of colds and viruses transferred by fingers or mouths.

Safe Contractor Accredited

Astrocare Computer Cleaning UK Ltd are a registered and certified Safe Contractor. Our certification number is UN4347 - click to view cert

Computer Cleaning Overview

Astrocare Computer Cleaning UK Limited recommend that a computer is cleaned every three months. After this time finger grease begins to build up on the keys. This grease allows germs to thrive on the keyboard and those can be passed on to other staff.

When cleaning a workstation, it is essential that sufficient time is spent on the workstation to ensure that all the grease and dirt is completely removed. Cleaning materials are used which conform to the highest food use standards which will ensure operator safety.

Telecommunications Equipment Cleaning

The cleaning fluids incorporate an active biocide which is designed to prevent any potential risk of cross infection. Common bacteria and viruses are most often spread by contamination of surfaces and transfer through contact.

Not only will germs survive on dirty keys, but a dirty environment will increase stress which is known to affect immune systems.

Astrocare Computer Cleaning UK Ltd also offer a full telephone cleaning service, which is invaluable in preventing infections being spread by indirect mouth contact. A three monthly clean by our meticulous staff, with highly effective biocidal cleaners, will ensure that your telephones are hygienically clean and not a source of cross-infection.

Astrocare Computer Cleaning UK Limited

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  • Client Testimonials

    If you would like to contact any of our clients for references, then please telephone us on the number below, and we will be pleased to give you a contact name and telephone number.

    • Delta Airlines
    • Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
    • Co-Operative Bank PLC
    • Keoghs Solicitors
    • National Computing Centre
    • Lancashire County Council
    • A.G. Barr Limited

    • For a full list of our clients please call us on 01204 308308